Flexiteek, is a patented synthetic decking which the perfect choice for your dream deck. Designed to provide you the ultimate in looks, longevity and performance.

Delve deeper into the benefits of Flexiteek, the synthetic decking that looks every bit as beautiful as traditional teak.

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Benefits of Flexiteek - Sunseeker


Flexiteek offers a number of benefits compared to alternative decking products. It is a beautiful, long lasting, high performance decking, designed to cope in all weather conditions.

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Over 30 Colour Combinations

You can choose from over 30 combinations! Our decks come in 11 different colours. With three caulking options, meaning it gives you endless choices for your deck. Whether you are looking to mimic brand new, weathered, scrubbed or bleached teak. Or, go for a more contemporary choice, such as charcoal, carbon or off-white.

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Flexiteek 2G over 30 colour combinations
Flexiteek 2G CNC cut table

Design Possibilities

We specialise in personalising your deck to tailor it according to your preferences. Whether you’re looking to showcase a traditional design or a more contemporary design. We meticulously craft, cut, fit, and refine each deck by hand. Additionally, we offer the option to adorn your deck with custom designs, logos, and lettering using state-of-the-art computerised CNC precision cutting tools.

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Flexiteek Gallery

Seeking inspiration for your boat? Explore our Flexiteek gallery, featuring an extensive array of colours to ignite your imagination.

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Flexiteek 2G Gallery
Deck Designer

Deck Designer

Utilise our deck designer tool to craft the ideal deck for your boat. Envision all 30 colour combinations on various types of boats—motor boats, sailing boats, sports boats, or RIB leisure boats—and then send your design to our team for a personalised quote.

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Why Choose Flexiteek?

Discover why Flexiteek stands as the ultimate selection for your boat. Explore its comparison with other synthetic teaks, authentic teak, composite sheets, and EVA to make an informed decision.

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Williams Fitted with Flexiteek 2G
Flexiteek 2G Reel

Manufacturing Process

Learn about the meticulous process behind crafting Flexiteek, from pellet to profile, and then from profile to panel.

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Our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section addresses all aspects, including product details, installation procedures, and maintenance guidelines.

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