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Across the globe, an increasing number of boat builders are opting to use Flexiteek.

Our patented material has positioned Flexiteek 2G as the premier choice in synthetic teak decking within the market. We persist in enhancing our staff’s skills, product quality, and operational efficiency through investments in advanced cutting and welding techniques, staff training, and machinery upgrades.

We oversee the entire production process of our materials, enabling us to offer tailored colours and sizes, custom deck layouts, training for in-house fabrication, and supervised deck installation. Whether you prefer working with your team or opt for our full fitting service, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Unmatched Customer Support

Having distributors in more than 50 countries enables us to offer local fabrication, fitting, and service wherever you are. Additionally, we provide a variety of resources and support.



What our customers say

Ribeye fitted with Flexiteek 2G

“Flexiteek is the ideal solution for our luxury RIBs, where our customers want the look of real teak but without all the maintenance. Flexiteek is now a firm favourite and pretty much standard fitment on all Ribeyes.”

Sophie Hurst

Marketing Director

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Williams Jet Tenders fitted with Flexiteek

“Williams choose to fit Flexiteek as it is by far the most realistic teak substitute currently available. We have fitted the product to several thousand boats used in locations ranging from Australia to Norway and have found it to perform most reliably.”

John Hornsby

Joint Managing Director

William Jet Tenders Grey logo

“We started working with Flexiteek in 2019. For us, key features of their decking are the anti-slip properties and the ability to keep cool on hot days. The quality of the material is really good and we’re very happy with the ease of communication and fast delivery times.”

Torry D. Haugland

Technical Manager

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Goldfish fitted with Flexiteek 2G

“Our clients are very happy. Flexiteek is light, low maintenance and it looks great also when wet. It has the looks of a teak flooring without the environmental impact that natural teak has.”

Stig Olssøn

Product Manager

Goldfish logo

“My clients are happy with Flexiteek. It is maintenance free, has very good looks and is non-slip, a very important feature for Elling as we are safety focused.”

Anton van den Bos

Managing Director

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Flexiteek 2G stands as the ideal decking solution for your boat.

Teak Re-invented

Flexiteek 2G boasts a fine grain finish, meticulously designed to replicate the look of authentic teak. You’ll be the only one aware that it’s not genuine teak. For those seeking a traditional aesthetic, Flexiteek 2G offers various teak shades, including ‘weathered’ or ‘faded’ options. With over 20 years of experience, our global teams are on hand to assist you with designing, manufacturing, and installing your synthetic deck.

Teak Re-invented

Long Lasting

Flexiteek boasts proven technology, with original decks lasting over 20 years while retaining their beauty. We back your new deck with a 5-year guarantee against material defects. Utilising vinyl welding techniques during manufacturing ensures Flexiteek joints are stronger than those made with glue. The surface is highly durable, UV stable, and completely re-sandable if necessary.

Long Lasting

High Performance

Flexiteek 2G offers significant advantages over competing synthetic decking systems:

  • Its shape-conforming underside ensures superior adhesion and fitting to boats of various shapes and sizes.
  • It features a 30% faster cooling rate compared to traditional composite decking.
  • With up to 35% lighter weight, it’s the perfect choice for performance yachts, multihulls, or powerboats.

Its superb ‘graining’ renders Flexiteek 2G the pinnacle of realistic synthetic decking.

High Performance

Low Maintenance

Maintaining Flexiteek 2G’s stunning appearance requires minimal effort. No need for frequent, vigorous scrubbing or expensive cleaning and sealing procedures—just an occasional rinse or jet wash keeps it fresh. Soap and water effortlessly remove spills, including oil, fuel, red wine, and fish blood.

Low Maintenance

Over 30 Colour Combinations

We provide decks in 11 varied colours, paired with three caulking options, offering over 30 combinations. Whether you aim to mimic brand new, weathered, scrubbed, or bleached teak, or prefer a modern aesthetic like charcoal, carbon, or off-white, we cater to your preferences.

View all colour combinations >

Over 30 Colour Combinations

Reduced Weight

Weighing just 4.5kg per m², Flexiteek 2G stands out as up to 35% lighter than other synthetic decking systems. This feature is particularly attractive for high-performance multihulls, powerboats, and sailing vessels. By reducing weight above the waterline, it contributes to an overall decrease in boat weight, resulting in a lower centre of gravity. This reduction minimises heeling and boosts performance.

Reduced Weight

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