Flexiteek 2G

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Flexiteek 2G CNC cut table

CNC Cut Logos

Customise your Flexiteek 2G deck with CNC-cut logos, allowing for personalised designs of any size or shape.

Be Unique

No rules here! Who says planks must run fore and aft? Goldfish thinks outside the box.


Take a look at this contemporary design that accentuates the silhouette of the Sunseeker Hawk 38. The possibilities are endless when you choose to use CNC – if you can envision it, we can create it.


For those who value tradition, take a look at this meticulously detailed and marginated deck. You won’t find finer craftsmanship in teak.


Simplicity can sometimes be the detail. Here, a simple straight laid Flexiteek 2G panel which is enhanced by the matching table top.

Mixing Colours

Why not blend Flexiteek 2G colours? Here, the working area features Carbon, while the side decks are elevated with Off-White Flexiteek 2G and Grey caulking. Fully detailed with snapes and margin boards.

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