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Crafted with a fine grain finish, Flexiteek 2G resembles real teak with exquisite detail.

You will be the only one aware that it’s not genuine teak. For those seeking a traditional aesthetic, Flexiteek 2G offers various teak shades, including ‘weathered’ or ‘faded’ options.

Long Lasting

Flexiteek 2G is UV resistant, ensuring it retains its colour without fading over time.

The material won’t split, splinter, or crack under normal use. Its waterproof construction, with welded joints instead of glued ones, ensures durability.

Your deck is covered by a 5-year warranty against material defects. Original Flexiteek decks from the early 2000s remain durable and attractive, surpassing the lifespan of regularly scrubbed modern teak decks.

High Performance

Flexiteek 2G presents notable advantages compared to competing synthetic decking systems.

Its shape-conforming underside ensures superior adhesion and fitting to boats of all sizes.

With enhanced heat-reflecting properties and reduced thermal transfer, it cools 30% faster than traditional composite decking.

Up to 35% lighter, it’s particularly appealing for performance yachts, multihulls, or powerboats.

Offers excellent grip in all weather conditions.

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