Flexiteek 2G

We’ve designed Flexiteek 2G to give you the ultimate in looks, longevity and performance. From tenders to superyachts, Flexiteek 2G is the perfect choice for your dream decking.


With its fine grain finish, Flexiteek 2G is beautifully crafted to look just like real teak.

You’ll be the only one who knows it’s not the real thing. Flexiteek 2G is the perfect choice if you aspire to the traditional appeal of a lustrous, teak deck and comes in ‘like new’ and ‘weathered’ options.

Long Lasting

Flexiteek 2G is proven UV resistant, so it won’t fade over time.

Nor will the material split, splinter or crack under normal use. It’s also waterproof, thanks to its welded system without glued joints.

Your deck comes with a 10 year warranty covering material defects. Original Flexiteek decks from the early 2000s are still going strong and still looking great. Their life expectancy is greater than the relatively thin, modern teak decks that are scrubbed regularly.

High Performance

Flexiteek 2G offers significant advantages over rival synthetic decking systems.

Its shape conforming underside provides superior adhesion and fitting to boats of all shapes and sizes.

Improved heat reflecting properties and reduced thermal transfer mean it cools 30% faster than traditional composite decking.

It’s up to 35% lighter, making it especially attractive if you own a performance yacht, multihull or power boat.

It provides superb grip in all weather conditions.

How does flexiteek 2g compare?

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Flexiteek Teak Other Synthetic Teak Composite Sheet EVA
Slip resistance High Low High High High
Maintenance Low High Low Low Low
Colour stability High Low High High High
Heat transfer Low Low High High Low
Density Low Low High High Low
Wear resistance High High High High Low
Warranty (years) 5 0 5 5 3

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